Abdominal Massage

What is Abdominal Massage?


Abdominal Massage or internal organ massage is a wonderful treatment that focuses

on the abdomen to release trapped gases, clear blockages and waste products - it helps you to go.

The treatment includes some Massage, Myofascial Release and Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

With this combination of therapies the Abdominal & Colon Massage is different for everyone,

depending upon your illness and state of health.

The massage helps to increase the effectiveness of the digestive system and

has a detoxifying effect - helping to relieve your symptoms.

How does poor digestion affect your health?

Your health can be affected when your digestion is not as good as it should. This can be caused from several different factors such as chronic and acute illness, malabsorption, medication, in-activity, poor diet and stress.

When your digestion is not good, it stresses the abdominal cavity and can lead to pain in your sides,

abdomen, lower back, groin, joint pain in the pelvis and gradually elsewhere in your body. It can also

cause bloating, fatigue, headaches, moodiness, poor skin condition due to the build up of toxins in the body.

Other problems caused by poor digestion and a stressed abdomen can include; Crohns Disease, Colitis,

spastic colon, constipation, diarrhoea, pressure on the baldder, bloating trapped wind and infertility.

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How Abdominal Massage work?

Abdominal Massage is a treatment which helps to get the contents of your bowel moving,

helping to relieve pain caused from wind, constipation, indigestion and poor digestion.


The treatment starts with Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) which is a gentle treatment to ensure

your lymphatic system is able to remove any toxins and excess water produced from the treatment.

Myofascial Release is then gently used to help release the soft tissue and muscles in the abdominal area,

which allows the massage to be more effective.

Everyone who receives a treatment will have a different experience depending upon the

current state of your digestive system and any discomfort you may be in.


The treatment can be for 30, 60 or 90 minutes depending upon your state of health.

For an initial treatment, please book in for at least 60 minutes.


If you have ever thought of having colonic irrigation and have been put off by the procedure,

then you may want to try this Abdominal and Colon Massage instead as it can be

just as affective and more pleasant.


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Who can benefit from Abdominal Massage?
This treatment may be suitable for anyone with any of the following and many other conditions:

Crohns disease


Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Multiple Sclerosis


Poor digestion generally

Chronic stress

In place of colonic irrigation treatments

Poor muscle tone

Learning difficulties

Unbalanced diet

Lack of exercise


Not opening the bowels frequently

Urinary incontinence

Please note that Abdominal Massage is not suitable for some people including;

any time during pregnancy or for 6 weeks after the birth

if you have had any form of abdominal surgery in the last 8 months

(In these cases, I may be able to offer you an alternative treatment - please contact me).

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Benefits of Abdominal & Colon Massage

Abdominal & Colon Massage is an effective treatment for a variety of issues

and their secondary effects including:

relief from constipation

release of trapped gas and bloating

relief from abdominal fluid retention

improves natural detoxification

improves digestive health

aids weight loss

relief from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

improves the function of all digestive organs

helps improve digestion time (peristalsis)

improves lymphatic flow around the abdomen

encourages elimination of excess waste

relief from back, shoulder, pelvic pain

improved breathing

improved posture

clearer brighter complexion

boosts the immune system

increases energy and improves mood

reduces stress and anxiety

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