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Bioenergetics Health Testing

What is Asyra Bioenergetics Heath Testing?

My ​Clients come to see me with a wide range of issues that they want to work on and these issues are usually focused on the symptoms rather than the root cause.

Just not feeling right but can't put a finger on why?

As the therapist my role is to help find ways to make changes that will take effect quickly, but also delve deeper into the reasons for the issues, functional issues; so that the symptoms

do not re-occur or are lessened over a longer period of time.

Powerful & effective at getting to your core issues

The Asyra database contains over 40,000 individual signatures from which health tests
can be created to look at all aspects of your health and your symptoms.
Even so, the system takes just minutes
to run though comprehensive and baseline tests built into the system.

This functional testing allows your body to identify areas of your body that are

out of balance and identify the personalised energetic remedies needed to get you

back into balance.  These remedies are taken between appointments to

provide ongoing energetic rebalancing.

You need to treat your body and the cause of your disease,

not the symptoms, to improve your health and wellbeing.




Asyra Bioenergetics / CraniosSacral Therapy
I have been to Dawn for a few treatments. They included cranial sacral therapy, energy testing. Overall experience has been very positive. I felt energised and relaxed at the same time with cranial sacral therapy. The energy testing picked up some imbalances which Dawn was able to address through Bach flower remedies and energy healing. I can't wait for my next treatment and strongly recommend Dawn. Her approach is holistic. B.T.

Benefits of Asyra Bioenergetics Health Testing

Energetic remedy

Just running the health test will start to make energetic changes to balance your body.

The remedies identified during your testing also make up your bespoke energetic

remedy to take home so that your body continues to heal between appointments.

Remedies can be in the form of water, patches or crystals.

​You can even bring your own crystals, skin cream etc. to put the remedy into.

Some of the changes my clients have seen are: improved sleep, reduction in hot flushes, improved concentration, less brain fog, reduced pain and improved flexibility in joints,

more in control of emotions, more vitality, just feeling better and enjoying life,

reduced allergy symptoms, positive outlook is better, improved bladder control,

improvement of long term physical injuries ...

​Repair, strengthen, restore, heal and improve your life

through functional medicine, soft tissue therapy and energy work

Physical changes you can make

Althought the remedies identified are energetic, some results may indicate that your body would also benefit from more physical therapy and changes to your everday life in order

to improve your health issues and wellbeing such as:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage to improve your lymphatic system and detox more efficiently

physical/emotional rebalancing with CranioSacral Therapy

meridian and chakra balancing with Reiki and Sound Therapy

highlighting areas of your body needing soft tissue work

specific meridians and acupuncture points that require balancing

suggesting essential oils to use for specific issues

suggesting foods and supplements to support your body's healing

Bach Flower remedies for helping reduce stress and improve confidence and vitality

Qi gong exercises that are helpful to improve your fitness, flexibility and mobility

breathwork to improve your oxygen intake and improve lung capacity

meditation to help you deal with everday life

Identify aspects of your lifestyle to change

Your body's responses may also identify aspects of your lifestyle and health

which are preventing you reaching your potential health and wellbeing such as:

exposure to environmental toxins

stress having a negative impact on your health

EMF from computers, microwaves, radio masts

exposure to heavy metals

exposure to chemicals in your household and personal care products

foods that are not currently helping your body work effectively

Bioenergetic Testing / CranioSacral Therapy
Dawn has been incredible and the treatments have improved my health more than I imagined. I have noticed how my body and mind have healed deeply after the treatments and remedies she has given. It has been one of the best experiences. I highly recommend her Services. Dawn is so kind, caring and very experienced in her Practice. She has a wide range of Services which are very effective. Her advice is holistic and it is so healing at a very deep level. A.T.
How does Asyra Bioenergetic Health Testing work?
Initially an in-depth consultation allows me to set up the testing relevant to your
symptoms and issues. This testing is solely based on you as an individual,
your physical, mental, emotional and biochemical makeup at that time of testing.
When running a test you hold a copper cylinder in each hand which is connected to the Asyra database. The reponses from your body produces a report which identifies the
energetic remedies needed to balance your body.
The testing is painless and results are available instantly.
If you are not able to touch the handles for any reason then
alternative ways to test are available which are just as accurate.
The Asyra system is able to run a very large number of tests in a few minutes and thereby
build a broad picture of your energetic functioning and responses from your body.
Asyra Health Testing appointments
I offer various ways for you to access this Health Testing obviously the longer
the session the longer there is for indepth health testing, product testing,
food testing and therapy work.
I use this testing to complement my existing work but also for clients
just wishing to have the health testing, product testing and food testing.
Asyra In clinic appointments
90 minute appointment
  • Initial Health Test
  • Follow up Heath Test
  • Can include a therapy session
  • Can include testing of products
  • Can include food sensitivity testing
  • One or more remedies will be provided and a report

60 minute appointment
Can be split as 30 minute testing, 30 minute therapy
  • Follow up Heath Test
  • Can include a therapy session
  • Can include testing of products
  • Can include food sensitivity testing
  • One or more remedies will be provided and a report

30 - 45 minute appointment
  • Follow up Health Test
  • One or more remedies will be provided and a report
  • Food Sensitivity testing
  • Product testing
  • Report on results provided
Asyra Sample Testing appointments
Sample testing is possible for clients and their pets which means you
do not have to attend the clinic.
A hair sample or suitable alternative is required and completion of a health questionnaire.
The same testing is completed and remedy and report provided as an inclinic appointment.
Please contact me for more information.



Note about testing products
Please note that no more than about 15 items should be tested as this will
overload your body's responses and make the results less accurate.
Items that you may want to be tested against your body's response includes: personal care products, cosmetics, pet hair, household cleaning products, food & drink, supplements, gardening products, car cleaning products, whatever you use that may cause you some
concern about your ongoing health.
​Please remember that this Health Test does not diagnose, it tests your energetic
responses at the time of the test and identifies energetic remedies that your body
needs right now to get your body back into balance, that will improve your health and
wellbeing in a way that is long lasting.
If your test comes up with a response that surprises you then we can discuss why, such as: It may be that you are consuming the same food every day; you are using a product
which contains a toxin or ingredient that is depleting your body's energy;
your digestive system is not working as well as it should;
you are chronically stressed or dehydrated,
you have a low immune system, you have a chronic illness.

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