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Balanced Healing Package

Is your life balanced?
When you ask someone if they feel balanced - what do you mean?
If someone says they feel out of balance - what do they mean?
Being in balance is unique to everyone. Most people will be able to relate to
one or more or the balancing aspects of life below:
living in the present
being grounded
being able to deal with unexpected situations
confidently saying yes to an unexpected invite
being positive
having a good family, work, leisure, relationship balance
exercising regularly
eating a healthy diet
drinking enough fluid to stay hydrated
not smoking or taking recreational drugs
drinking alcohol sensibly
having someone to discuss your concerns and worries with
having a social life
setting yourself goals
knowing how much money you have to spend
having a good nights sleep every night
regularly having some time out for yourself
rewarding yourself
and many more ...
Balance your emotional, mental, physical, nutritional & spiritual body




Therapies offered to help balance your body
Balanced healing package
To provide you with some
time out for yourself
help you to relax
and prioritise
Balance - dictionary meaning:
Offsetting one thing against another
A situation where all the elements are equal
An even distribution of weight
A 90 or 120 minute session to include more than one of the following:
Your choice of therapies but I could suggest:
Asyra bioenergetics scan
A scan I have specifically designed to help with balancing your mind, body and spirit.
Identifying your current needs to include Bach remedies, chakras, meridians, essential oils, foods, colours and the Comprehensive scan to start balancing your whole body energetically.
Reiki and energy healing
Very relaxing,
Sound Healing
Either used to initiate relax, to help with chakra balance or as a full body therapy
Chakra and meridian balance
Using different techniwues to balance your chakras and meridians. Chakras and meridians can be out of balance due to stress, injury ...
CranioSacral Therapy
Colour therapy
Qi Gong
and a chat



Note about testing products
Please note that no more than about 15 items should be tested as this will
overload your body's responses and make the results less accurate.
Items that you may want to be tested against your body's response includes: personal care products, cosmetics, pet hair, household cleaning products, food & drink, supplements, gardening products, car cleaning products, whatever you use that may cause you some
concern about your ongoing health.
​Please remember that this Health Test does not diagnose, it tests your responce to information signatures that your body needs right now, as priority, that will improve
your health and wellbeing in a way that is long lasting.
If your test comes up with a response that surprises you then we can discuss why, such as: It may be that you are consuming the same food every day; you are using a product
which contains a toxin that is depleting your body's energy;
your digestive system is not working as well as it should;
you are chronically stressed or dehydrated, you have a low immune system.

Benefits of Asyra Bioenergetics Health Testing

Energetic remedy

The responses gained from your body's responses can be used to provide you

with your bespoke energetic remedy to take home so that your body

continues to heal between appointments.

Remedies can be in the form of water, patches or crystals.

​You can even bring your own crystals, skin cream etc. to put the remedy into.

​Repair, strengthen, restore, heal and improve your life

through functional medicine, soft tissue therapy and energy work

Physical changes you can make

The responses from your body also provide information that I can use to tailor a treatment as part of your Asyra appointment. Althought the remedy is energetic, some results may indicate that your body would also benefit from more physical changes to your everday life

to improve your health issues and wellbeing such as:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage to improve your lymphatic system and detox more efficiently

physical/emotional rebalancing with CranioSacral Therapy

meridian and chakra balancing with Reiki and Sound Therapy

highlighting areas of your body needing soft tissue work

specific meridians and acupuncture points that require strengthening

suggesting essential oils to use for specific issues

suggesting foods and supplements to support your body's healing

Bach Flower remedies for helping reduce stress and improve confidence and vitality

Qi gong exercises that are helpful to improve your fitness, flexibility and mobility

Identify aspects of your lifestyle to change

Your body's responses may also provide aspects of your lifestyle and health

which are preventing you reaching your potential health and wellbeing such as:

exposure to environmental toxins

stress having a negative impact on your health

EMF from computers, microwaves, radio masts

reducing exposure to heavy metals

exposure to chemicals in your household and personal care products

foods that are not helping your body work effectively

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