Dawn Bradley

Copthorne Therapies

Holistic Soft Tissue Therapist (STT)

I specialise in providing you with a treatment that targets

your specific concern(s) and health issue(s) using Soft Tissue Therapies (STT).

Soft Tissue Therapy is not just one therapy but a name for a group of therapies
which treat any injury to the soft tissues of the body from
strains, sprains, fatigue, tension, repetitive strain,
contusions (bruising), lacerations (cuts) and day to day pain and discomfort.
Soft Tissue Therapy helps with preventative treatment, rehabilitation and remedial recovery,
injury recovery, improvement in flexibility, mobility and pain reduction.
Typical therapies included under Soft Tissue Therapy include, but is not limited to; massage,
Myofascial Release, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki and sound healing.

During your treatment I may use more than one therapy to address your

specific concern(s) so that you can improve your everyday life. 

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Useful information

I am fully insured for all the therapies I offer.

Appointments may be made online or through details on the contact page.

​​Payment can be made online or,

at your appointment by card, mobile wallets, paypal or cash

Onion skin theory

When you cut open an onion you can see it is made up of many layers.

From the outside you would not know the onion was rotten.

Its only when you get closer to the core you find the rotten layers (onions rot from the inside out).


Just as us humans, we don't know we have a problem unless we have a symptom.

Often, the symptom is the last indication of a problem.

A lower back ache may be from having poor posture; being dehydrated, being constipated,

overdoing it at the gym, a shoulder, knee, hip or spinal disc problem,

arthritis, menstruation, urine infection or something else.

All of these would result in ,the same back ache, the skill is unearthing the true cause.


Dawn regularly treats people with:


Chronic and Acute conditions

Post surgery rehabilitation


Multiple Sclerosis


Crohns, Colitis, IBD, IBS

Autism & other learning difficulties

Chronic Fatigue / ME


Anxiety and depression

Autoimmune disorders

I treat everyone as an individual. If I see 10 people with the same problem, they will all have different

symptoms and concerns and need to be treated differently with different therapies.

I will discuss possible therapies with you so that you can make an informed decision on your treatment.

I feel this is important in order to gain your trust from the outset and for me to to get the

best results for you as possible. Whether you have an acute one off problem;

have just had major surgery or have a chronic debilitating illness,

you can improve your everyday life.

If you have a condition or symptoms where it is painful for touch, then I can offer

Reiki and Sound Healing which are both effective working off the body; you may also find that CranioSacral Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage are also comfortable.

Please note:  children under 16 and adults with learning difficulties, dementia,

or mentally vulnerable will require an adult to be present throughout the treatment.

Reiki & Sekhem courses & training

People from all walks of life learn Reiki and Sekhem. Many are already therapists who want to

learn Reiki and Sekhem so they can enhance the healing they are already giving.

Many people though want to learn Reiki and Sekhem so that they can give healing to their family,

friends and pets. Learning Reiki and Sekhem will allow you to treat your family everyday.

Reiki and Sekhem isn't associated with any religion, and people of all faiths

and beliefs become Reiki and Sekhem practitioners.

Those that practice other hands on techniques such as massage and reflexology can learn to give

Reiki and Sekhem through their hands throughout a treatment.

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