Gift Vouchers are a great way to give someone a flexible present that they can choose what they receive and when.


All they have to do is make an appointment and turn up with their voucher. Whatever treatment they would like or need on the day is the best gift you can give.


Never lose any of the value of the Gift Voucher - The Gift Voucher can be used for a complete treatment or as part of a shorter treatment - leaving some more for another visit.


Terms and Conditions apply

Gift vouchers - 45 minutes - £35

  • Gift Vouchers need to be used within 1 year - starting from the 1st of the month after purchase.


    If the treatment is of the same value as the Gift Voucher then it is spent.


    If the treatment is for a lesser value than the Gift Voucher then the remaining value on the Gift Voucher may be used for part payment towards another treatment.


    If the treatment is for a greater value than the Gift Voucher then additional means of payment will be required at the end of the treatment to cover the additional cost.


    Please see current Terms and Conditions under Booking/Prices.