Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong (similar to Tai Chi) is a powerful self-healing practise that combines breathing techniques and gentle

but effective movement to improve your health and fitness and it helps you to relax and re-energise.

I use Qi Gong with my clients to help improve their mobility and flexibility alongside the other therapies or,

as a standalone treatment when a set of exercises tailored to your health condition are practised.

I use exercises that are easily adapted to your specific abilities where exercises can be practised

either standing or sitting.

Qi Gong can also be used as a moving meditation with or without breathing techniques to help with tension,

stress and anxiety. Meditation execises can be practised for just a couple of minutes or half an hour or so.


A guide to practising Tai Chi is available on the NHS site, find out more …

Who can benefit from Qi Gong?


Stress, anxiety, tension, depression – helps particularly with relaxation, being in the present, self awareness,


slowing down, sleep, breathing

Parkinsons – helps particularly with balance, posture, movement control and mobility.

Stroke recovery – helps particularly with balance, co-ordination, concentration and muscle strength.

Multiple Sclerosis – helps with balance, orientation, co-ordination and self awareness of your body.

Fibromyalgia - helps with mobility, muscle relaxation to help reduce pain and  posture.

Chronic Fatigue - helps with relaxation, reducing stress levels, boosting immune system and adrenals.

Arthritis – helps with balance, muscular strength, flexibility and frees up stiff joints.

Heart failure – gentle and slow exercise to improve your overall health.

Ageing - helps with balance, getting down to the floor and up again, getting in and out of a car,

improving general mobility and flexibility.

Woman relaxing after stress busting teatment
Woman relaxing after stress busting teatment
Benefits of Qi Gong

Qi Gong is safe and simple to learn and can be practised at any time of day or night, at home or work, for all ages and abilities, requiring no equipment or special facilities - just your time. It can help to improve your:

flexibility and movement


fitness level





health and vitality


and …

reduces stress, tension and anxiety

strengthens and tones your muscles

enhances your awareness of your own body

helps you to breathe more effectively

balances your energy system and chakras

boosts your immune system

helps to reduce blood pressure

Woman relaxing after stress busting teatment
What happens during a treatment
Quite often clients will need someone to drive them to the appointment and in these cases they will often
join in the Qi Gong (no extra - just one payment).
You just need to be dressed in clothes that you can easily move in and as the floor is carpeted it is comfortable
to take off your shoes. If you need to wear shoes, please bring some slippers or indoor shoes to wear.
I have several Qi Gong routines and many exercises which I can use and I will pick the most appropriate for your
current ability on the day or a routine for relaxation or for meditation and energy work - whatever you need.
To improve abilities such as co-ordination, balance, concentration, relaxation, or all of these, I will choose exercises that
are simplier to start with and then make these gradually more challenging as you progress
to improve your condition.
Your ability to complete the exercises and how you feel on the day will dictate how quickly exercises are
changed - there is no plan that you have to stick to - just your willingness to attend the appointment
and doing some gentle exercises at home.
Many chronic conditions get worse over time and some have periods where you forget you have an illness
and then a period of being unable to do anything. our condition on the day will be taken into account when you
come to your appointment and I will change the exercises to suit.
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