10 reasons to have a regular massage

August 17, 2017

Or, how to improve your physical, mental and emotional health.


Remember - just because a massage feels like a

pampering treat

it doesn't mean it is any less therapeutic.


Whether you have a face massage, foot massage, a back neck and shoulders massage or a full body massage - you will get great benefits and feel better for it.



1. Improves blood circulation

The increased blood circulation helps to nourish your tired and aching muscles with nutrition and oxygen.


2. Improves lymph circulation

Increased lymph flow helps to cleanse and detox your body by getting rid of toxins and body waste. It reduces build up of waste; reducing muscles tiredness; boosting your immune system and giving you clearer, brighter skin.


3. Stimulates and soothes the nervous system

Stimulating the nervous system produces hormones which help to balance your whole body. It also helps to reduce any pain and improve areas of numbness by increasing sensation of touch. Your mood can be lifted as you get an increase in dopamine levels.



4. Reduces anxiety and stress - Increases relaxation

Taking time out for yourself. Massage increases your "feel good" chemicals and helps you to relax tight and tense muscles. It will also help improve your breathing and sleep.


5. Improves skin condition

 The action of the massage gently exfoliates your skin, improves blood and lymph circulation, so promoting healthy skin and improving your skin tone.


6. Improves the immune system

By increasing the flow of lymph around the body and improving blood circulation your immune system gets a good boost.


7. Reduces muscular pain and tension

Whether from stress, a sports injury, a fall, post surgery, chronic pain or just general wear and tear, a massage will help to reduce your pain and tension and help you to relax.



8. Improves mobility, flexibility and balance

Massage will help relax your tight muscles and reduce restrictions in movement so improving your mobility, flexibility and balance.


9. Improve overall health

A regular massage will improve your general good health, mentally, emotionally and physically. It will improve your quality of life, heart health, breathing, digestive system, bowel movements, concentration, balance, mobility and flexibility.



10. Reduce further injuries

The benefits of your body receiving a regular massage ensure that your body is more able to deal with a hard work out; competitive sports or just everyday life without worsening injuries or causing further injuries.



Remember - just because a massage feels like a

pampering treat

it doesn't mean it is any less beneficial.



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