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Treatments for hayfever symptoms

Hayfever symptoms can be just annoying or quite severe, affecting your everydaylife.

Runny or blocked nose; Itchy, red or watery eyes; Itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears; Dry mouth and throat; Cough; Sneezing; Headaches and migraines; Ear ache; Shortness of breath; Tiredness; Blocked sinuses and associated jaw and face pain, aching teeth etc.

Hayfever doesn't just cause these symptoms but can worsen ongoing conditions

and chronic illnesses making life very difficult when you should be

enjoying the summer.

grass blowing seeds in the wind

Treatments such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Ear Candling and Therapy will not stop your getting hayfever and its symptoms but may be able to reduce the symptoms.

Dried flowers

This gentle massage technique stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid. When applied to the face head and neck, it helps to move any congested lymphatic fluid. It will also help reduce sinus congestion and pressure.

In relieving the lymph and sinus congestion, the secondary symptoms such as headaches, sinus pain, jaw ache, runny and blocked nose and itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears can be relieved.

Spring blossom

This technique can help ease sinus pressure and help to relax the head, face and neck area.

Cranial sacral therapy seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and can decrease stress and provide relief from headaches, neck and face pain, including jaw pain and aching teeth caused from sinusitis and other conditions.

Palmarosa flower

Ear candling is helpful for relieving hayfever symptoms on its own ...

but in combination with CranioSacral Therapy and Manual Lymphatic Drainage provides relief from many of the symptoms helping to reduce lymph and sinus congestion and their associated symptoms, blocked and itchy ears, runny and blocked nose, headaches, middle ear problems and vertigo.

A very relaxing treatment.

  • 30 minutes for ear candling only

  • 30 minutes for MLD on face and head only

  • 30 minutes for CST on face and head only

  • 1 hour for a combination treatment of all three

Contact me for more information or to make an appointment

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