Dawn Bradley
Copthorne Therapies

Holistic Soft Tissue Therapist (STT)

Soft Tissue Therapy is a name for a group of therapies
which treat any injury to the soft tissues of the body from
strains, sprains, fatigue, tension, repetitive strain, contusions (bruising),
lacerations (cuts) and day to day pain and discomfort.
Soft Tissue Therapy helps with preventative treatment, rehabilitation and remedial recovery, injury recovery, improvement in flexibility, mobility and pain reduction.



... for a natural and holistic approach
to good health
and fitness

Therapies available

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

... a specialised massage that helps detoxify & stimulate the body's immune system, to promote healing, relaxing,

& reduce pain.

CranioSacral Therapy (CST)

... a gentle, non-intrusive therapy which through gentle touch releases restrictions, tension and pain in the body.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

... works gently on soft tissue & fascial restrictions to eliminate pain & tension to restore motion & flexibility throughout your body.

Reiki & Sekhem Energy Healing

... a deeply relaxing and re-energising treatment to encourage healing & helping to balance the body’s energy system to promote a healthy mind & body

Sound Healing

... is one of

our most primal senses & very deeply buried in the brain. Helping to realign the body's natural energy field, helping to clear energetic & physical blockages.

Scar Tissue Release

... using a light but effective touch to

encourage & improve healing of the soft tissue & whole body; to improve flexibility, mobility & reduce pain.

Onion skin theory

When you cut open an onion you can see it is made up of many layers.

From the outside the onion looks ready to eat.

Its only when you get closer to the core you find the rotten layers.

We don't know we have a problem unless we have a symptom.

Often, the symptom is the last indication of a problem that has

been festering without us knowing.

A lower back ache may be from having poor posture; lack of exercise; being dehydrated;

poor diet; medication; being constipated; overdoing it at the gym; a joint problem;

arthritis; menstruation; urine infection or something else.

All of these would result in a lower back ache, the skill is unearthing the true cause.

Reiki & Sekhem courses & training

People from all walks of life learn Reiki and Sekhem. Many are

already therapists who want to learn Reiki and Sekhem so they can

enhance the healing they are already giving.

Many people though want to learn Reiki and Sekhem so that they can

give healing to their family, friends and pets.

Learning Reiki and Sekhem will allow you to treat your family everyday.

Reiki and Sekhem isn't associated with any religion, and people

of all faiths and beliefs become Reiki and Sekhem practitioners.

Those that practice other hands on techniques such as massage and reflexology can learn to give Reiki and Sekhem through their hands throughout a treatment.