If you are reading this then you may be looking for an answer,
to improve your health.

Discover how you can: recover from injuries and surgery faster; relieve pain and speed up

healing and recovery time, improve or eliminate health problems, resolve mental and

emotional issues and most of all, discover how you can improve your general health.

I specialise in providing you with a treatment that targets your specific concern(s) and health issue(s).

I can use a variety of techniques and therapies, on their own or in combination to address your

specific concern(s) so that you can improve your everyday life. 

If you have no specific concern, then a treatment for relaxation or as an ongoing preventative

measure will improve your overall health and well being.

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I am a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and a member of the

FHT's Complementary Healthcare Therapist Register

which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

I am fully insured for all the therapies I offer.

Conditions Dawn treats

Although therapies have been listed against some common ailments, other therapies

may be more suitable depending upon your circumstances.

More detailed information is available under Therapies

or click on the therapy name below.

If you would like to discuss which therapies may be suitable for you then please

contact me or make an appointment.

Just for relaxation and some time out for yourself


Emotional, Mental, Spiritual

Give yourself time to allow your body to rest and breathe, away from your usual day to day life.

Give yourself some time to put your thoughts into order.

Helpful for: needing a change of scenery, anxiety, stress, insomnia, lethargy, tiredness, fatigue,

depression, irritability, anger, brain fog, lack of concentration,

compulsive behaviour, headches, migraines.

Reiki - Sound Healing - Facial Rejuvenation

Head and neck pain and discomfort

A pain the the head and neck area is one of the main reasons I see people and

can cause great discomfort, causing fatigue and lack of concentration.

Helpful for: sinusitis, bells palsy, headaches/migraines, neck and shoulder pain,

poor mobility and flexibility of head and neck, jaw and tooth pain,

swollen glands, ear ache, tinnitus, TMJ syndrome, poor posture.

CranioSacral Therapy - Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Sound Healing - Reiki

Post operative cosmetic & general surgery

Treatments are as gentle but effective in removing pain, inflammation and swelling

not just from surgery site but also rest of the body. Also includes work on

improving appearance and flexibilty of scars.

Helps to improve and speed up recovery from cosmetic surgery, as for general surgery

and also; reducing and flattening the ripples, lumps and internal scarring caused from liposuction.

This work can start within 3 days of surgery as long as there is no infection or draining.  

Helpful for: reducing pain and inflammation from any form of surgery, improving appearance and

flexibility of scars and generally improving healing time.

For liposuction, breast enlargement, breast reduction, muscle repair,

BBL, facial surgery, excess skin removal.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Scar Tissue Release - Myofascial Release - Reiki -

Sound Healing - CranioSacral Therapy

Scars - old and new

Helping to improve appearance of scars old and new,

improving flexibility and mobility.  Scars can also be the cause of pain,

lack of flexibility and mobility in other areas of the body.

Helpful for: scars old and new; secondary pain, lack of mobility and flexibility

caused from scarring, stretch marks.

Myofascial Release - Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Sound Healing - CranioSacral Therapy -

Scar Tissue Release

Tiredness and fatigue

Tiredness and fatigue can have a great negative affect on your daily home and work life;

causing lack of concentration, making decisions difficult, poor skin condition,

general aches and pain, headaches and migraines, colds.

Helpful for: tiredness, fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression,

taking medication long term, lack of exercise, poor diet.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Reiki - CranioSacral Therapy

Oedema, lymphoedema, lipoedema

Helping to reduce oedema, water retention, fat retention, inflammation

and puffy features that are caused from illness, medication, surgery, lifestyle and flying.

A gentle but very effective treatment.

Helpful for: inflammation, oedema, lymphoedema, lipoedema,

water retention, puffy features.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Shoulders, arms, hands, back, hip, legs, feet

Pain and discomfort from falls, injuries, sports injuries, illness, post surgery, age,

conditions such as tennis and golfers elbow, sciatica, frozen shoulder, plantar faciitis,

RSI, muscular and skeletal pain.

Helpful for: improving mobility, flexibility, balance, co-ordination and reducing pain.

Myofascial Release - CranioSacral Therapy - Manual Lymphatic Drainage -

Reiki - Sound Healing - Facial Rejuvenation

Cancer and acute or chronic illness and palliative care

Treatments for people with active cancer and undergoing

chemotherapy and radiotherapy: For people with lymphoedema, lipoedema and epilepsy

and those who require bespoke treatments.

Helpful for: providing effective, bespoke treatments that are suited to your current state of health.

CranioSacral Therapy - Myofascial Release - Manual Lymphatic Drainage -

Scar Tissue Release - Reiki - Sound Healing - Facial Rejuvenation


Digestive problems

Helping to relieve pain, discomfort and other symptoms such as constipation, diarrhoea,

bloating, wind, cramps, back ache, shoulder pain, headaches, poor skin condition, cellulite.

Helpful for: symptoms of IBS, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohns, Colitis, Coeliac disease,

symptoms related to food allergies and intolerance, medication, stress, anxiety.


Myofascial Release - CranioSacral Therapy -

Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Reiki - Sound Healing



Dawn regularly treats people with:



Multiple Sclerosis


Crohns, Colitis, IBD, IBS

Autism & other learning difficulties

Chronic Fatigue & ME


Anxiety and depression

Autoimmune disorders

Chronic and Acute conditions

I treat everyone as an individual. If I see 10 people with the same illness, they will all have different

symptoms and concerns and need to be treated differently with different therapies.

I will discuss possible therapies with you so that you can make an informed decision on your treatment.

If you have a condition or symptoms where it is painful for touch, then I can offer

Reiki and Sound Healing which are both effective working off the body; you may also find that CranioSacral Therapy and possibly Manual Lymphatic drainage are comfortable.

Please note:  children under 16 and adults with learning difficulties, dementia,

or mentally vulnerable will require an adult to be present throughout the treatment.

Reiki courses & training

People from all walks of life learn Reiki. Many are already therapists who want to

learn Reiki so they can enhance the healing they are already giving.

Many people though want to learn Reiki so that they can give healing to their family,

friends and pets. Learning Reiki will allow you to treat your family everyday.

Reiki isn't associated with any religion, and people of all faiths and beliefs

become Reiki practitioners.

Those that practice other hands on techniques such as massage and reflexology can learn to give

Reiki through their hands throughout a treatment.

Click here for more information on Reiki Courses

Reiki courses can be book through the online booking system:

over 1 day - 6 hours


over 2 days - 3 hours each day

Same cost for either option - a £45 deposit is required to secure your dates - payable on booking.

Gift Vouchers

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Treatment Discount card
I offer discounts when you purchase groups of treatments up front
(online or in person by card or cash):
6 treatments - 10% discount
10 treatments - 15% discount
15 treatments - 20% discount 
Receive a Loyalty card and receive a free treatment after each
10 paid treatments (10% discount).
Refer a friend
Refer a friend / family member / work colleague and they receive £5 off their first treatment.
You then receive £5 off your next treatment.
What to expect at your appointment

We will discuss your current concerns, your previous medical details and your expectations of the treatment. Please bear in mind that you may need further treatments

in order to notice a long term difference.

Acute conditions and injuries that you have had for 3 months or less are likely to be cleared quicker.

If you have a chronic condition  where you have been in pain for a months or years, then you

will likely need more treatments over a longer period of time.

If you are concerned about how the treatment may affect you, then please discuss this with

me as I can adapt the treatment or use a different therapy to suit your specific

health condition and symptoms and stay within your comfort zone.

If you are not able to lie or sit in a particular position please

let me know, so that you can be comfortable during the treatment.

Many of my treatments do not require you to undress and where you do need to undress

it will be only as necessary and your sensitive areas will be covered at all times with a towel or blanket.

Please remember that when you come for a treatment it is your time, for you.

If you would like a specific treatment, need to go to the toilet, need to move regularly,

do not feel comfortable at any time or feel too hot or too cold, please let me know.



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