COVID-19 information

Information for clients

There are some changes in how your appointment will proceed to continue to prevent the spread of infection. This list of changes may appear daunting for a treatment, but most are common sense and we are all used to been more careful these days. These changes are for the safety of everyone and may be changed when Government regulations change.

IMPORTANT: if you or anyone you live with are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or you are required to self-isolate, please reschedule or cancel your appointment.


​​What to bring

Please bring your own pen and water if needed. If you have a face mask, please wear this. If you do not have one, I will supply you with one to wear throughout your treatment.  It would also be helpful if you wear clothing which is easy to remove ( i will treat everyone as much as possible without having to undress) and avoid wearing jewellery.

If possible, please use the toilet before you come to your appointment to reduce your need of the bathroom facilities.


Please park your car in the street outside the house unless you are not able to walk the distance to the therapy room as the drive is in constant use.  Please remain in your car or outside until your appointment time as I do not have a waiting room. Please close the gate after you (it will be sanitised before and after your visit). Please only bring a chaperone or legal guardian if absolutely necessary. 

Upon arrival, you will be required to wear your mask and remove your shoes. There is sanitiser avaialble to sterilise your hands and all doors will be open so you do not have to touch anything.

Your  treatment

At the start of your appointment there will be a consent form to complete regarding Covid-19. If you are considered a high-risk client, it may not be possible to treat you at this time but feel free to discuss this with me. 

The treatment room will have all unnecessary soft furnishings and bric-a-brac removed. The room will have been thoroughly disinfected and all linen replaced for each client.  I will be wearing a mask.

Your treatment will continue as usual, although unnecessary chatting should be avoided to prevent droplet formation.

When the treatment is over, please leave all the linens untouched on the couch and try not to touch anything as you leave.  Please keep your mask on until you exit the room.

It is also recommended that you register for the NHS Track and Trace app to maintain our safety. There is a NHS QR code in the therapy room which can be scanned for the NHS Track and Trace app.

Please note: Dependant upon current Government guidelinest some therapies may not be available; appointments may be time restricted ( e.g. maximum of 30 or 60 minutes) and spaced further apart than usual to allow for disinfection of the room, linens, door handles and furniture etc..


Payment can be made prior to the appointment via the booking system but contactless payment is available on the day.  If you have to pay with cash, please bring the correct money..

I look forward to welcoming you back to Copthorne Therapies. 

About the treatment

At Copthorne Therapies I do not have a waiting area, so please do not turn up more than 10 minutes before your appointment. Directions will be given in your confirmation email/text.

On your first visit I will take your contact details and some current medical and health details from you to ensure that you receive a safe and appropriate treatment. On further vists I will just check any changes and improvements to your health.

Please remember that this is your appointment and if you have any specific reasons for a specific treatment then please ensure this is explained. I will always ensure we have agreed which therapy or combination you will be receiving before starting.

You will only ever be asked to undress if required by the treatment you are receiving and then only what is needed to be undressed.

Blankets are available in case you feel chilly or like to feel cosy as is a heated under blanket.

During treatments such as massage you will need to undress the areas to be worked upon. You will be fully covered at all times except the area being worked upon and no sensitive areas will be touched.

If you are not able to or, feel discomfort when lying or sitting in a particular position please let me know as I can work with you in a different position, it will not affect the treatment. There is no point in being uncomfortable and in pain as the treatment will not be beneficial.

Your treatment is about helping you relax and improving your state of health. Quite often clients will fall asleep as they become more relaxed. If however, you feel discomfort or pain from the treatment, or just need to move, please let me know as feeling tense or pain may prevent the treatment being effective.

When your treatment is complete I may give you some exercises to keep the effects from the treatment working and to improve your condition whilst you are at home.

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