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Sound Healing

What is Sound Healing?


Sound Healing is an energy therapy that works with vibration. The sensation of sound is one of

our most primal senses and very deeply buried in the brain. The brains sense of hearing is the

first to be developed in the womb and the last sense to lose in death.

The therapeutic effects of sound and music automatically affect us

both physically and psychologically.

I use tuning forks in a non-invasive way either over or on the body including acupuncture points. This helps to realign the bod'ys natural energy field, helping to

clear energetic (chakras, emotion/mental issues) and

physical blockages (knot in a muscle, inflammation, digestion).

The Sound Healing supports self healing and is complementary with other treatments

as an enhancement. It is an enjoyable treatment and can be used on anyone and for any illness or ailment physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Treatments can be for:

general whole body healing and balancing

chakra and energy balancing

meditation and spiritual

used during a treatment for muscle and joint pain

during Manual Lymphatic Drainage

as part of a Reiki treatment

as part of a Natural Face Lift Massage

Who can benefit from Sound Healing?

Any one can benefit from Sound Healing from young babies through to the elderly;

people whom are healthy and those that are not well.

The treatment can be with the tuning forks just being used above the body or they can be

touched onto the body where there is an energy blockage or restriction. If you have a debilitating or serious illness then the tuning forks may only be used above the body.

If you are in good health, Sound Healing will boost your immune system, balance your energy system and promote healing in your body as a preventative to illness.

If you have a serious health condition, Sound Healing can be very effective in

helping you to feel more relaxed and improve your immune system.

The sensation of the vibration either above or on your body is very calming and relaxing, giving

time and space for your body to heal itself.

The treatments are given with you fully dressed, either lying on a couch, head raised or seated with plenty of cushions and blankets to make you feel comfortable.

tuning forks with hammer.png
Benefits of Sound Healing

During an Sound Healing treatment you become very calm by sensing and listening to the vibration of the tuning forks in and around your body. It can allow you to be more aware of how your body feels and where you have restrictions or pain.


It is a holistic treatment so the therapeutic effects last long after the treatment is finished and can include many of the following benefits and much more: 

promotes the flow of energy in and around the body 

balances the body and mind

balances the chakras

improves sleep

helps the nervous system

great stress reliever and helps relaxation

improves immune system

promotes meditation and spiritual

promotes deep and balanced breathing 

stimulates the body’s own healing process 

improves lymphatic flow

reduces inflammation

improves muscular, tendon and ligament tension

reduces joint pain and swelling

reducing symptoms of arthritis

increases bone density 

energising and revitalising 

used to help enhance other bodywork and energetic therapies


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