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Scar Tissue Release

What is Scar Tissue Release?


Scars are formed as part of the body's normal healing process after an injury.

The presence of scar tissue can have a lifelong physical, mental and emotional effect on the body and mind, restricting movement and function anywhere is the body. Scar tissue is never as functional or as strong as the original tissue it has replaced and except for some very minor lesions, every wound (both internal and external) results in some degree of scarring.

Scars can be visible and internal: wounds from injury and surgery, burns, muscular skeletal trauma or in the late stages of osteoarthritis; prolonged immobilisation such as having an arm in plaster or paralysis due to a peripheral lesion or nervous system lesion.

Scar Tissue Release uses various techniques such as Massage, Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage to work with the scar and surrounding area and may also involve some stretching exercises. These therapies use a light but effective touch to

encourage and improve healing of the soft tissue and whole body.

The combination of therapies used and intensity will depend upon the condition and age of the scar: The aim is to improve the mobility, function and appearance of the scar.


Who can benefit from Scar Tissue Release?

People quite often forget they have scars, especially if they are not visible on an everyday basis

such as on the skull, back and small scars which are not prominent.

Surgery, including keyhole surgery causes internal scarring as it has damaged several layers of

soft tissue and muscle and although the visible scar appears healed, there is internal scarring which affects how the organs 'fit into' the abdominal cavity and move against each other.

Once healed scars can cause problems with mobility, flexibility, pain, sensitivity, dryness,

numbness, pins and needles, pulling sensations internally and externally, headaches

and cause problems with function, flexibility and mobility to any other parts of the body

such as joints and organs.

Scars and their associated problems with flexibility, mobility and body function can be

worked on at any time after the first 72 hours.

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Benefits of Scar Tissue Release

Scars that can be treated with Scar Tissue Massage include but are not limited to:


C-Section and abdominal scarring

 appendix and hysterectomy

open heart surgery

joint replacement

internal scarring from immobilisation

puncture wounds

sports injuries

amputation scars

internal scarring from peripheral lesions

skin grafts

scars from accidental injuries

self-harm scarring

cosmetic surgery and liposuction

 drain sites

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