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Quick Guide to Therapies

Which therapy?

When you come for your appointment, whether it be your first or you have been a few times I will always have a chat with you to see what is causing you concern and how you feel right now.

All the therapies I offer can be used on their own or in combination with each other - which is often more beneficial. We will discuss these before your treatment.

I regularly work with people who have fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, chronic fatigue, autism spectrum and can easily adapt your treatment session to suit your current health and mobility.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A good alternative to a massage, especially if you are feeling tired & fatigued. It is a relaxing therapy which helps your bodys natural detox system to work efficiently and help you to feel clearer and lighter.

Especially good for any inflammation, oedema or swelling, improves scarring, can help with skin problems, rosacea, pain in joints & muscles, general tiredness, brain fog.

Suitable post surgery after 3 days to reduce inflammation & flatten underlying soft tissue.

Can be used with Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy & Scar Tissue Release to help with joint and muscle injury.

Fotolia_80006907_S - lymphatic system.jpg

CranioSacral Therapy

Suitable for all ages & those who are fragile & not able to be manipulated or moved around.


This is a very light touch therapy which is extremely effective for a wide range of medical conditions & injuries &is inceasing used as a preventative health measure as it helps to improvethe bodys natural resistance to disease.


Helps to improve most problems around the head such as bells palsy, tinnitus, sinus problems, TMJ, teeth grinding, ear problems, headaches & migraines.

Is effective for relieving pain & tension, improving mobility, flexibility & functionality.

anywhere in the whole body caused from injury, trauma or surgery.

Works well with any other therapy I use.


Myofascial Release

This works on the soft tissue & fascia to eliminate pain & improve flexibility, mobility

and functionality.


Helps to improve conditions such as frozen shoulder, golfers & tennis elbow, plantar faciitis, sciatica, tight scars, shoulder and neck tension, headaches, abdominal pain & discomfort, whiplash, post surgery  stiffness, postural problems.

Can be used with Manual Lymhatic Drainage, CranioSacral Therapy & Scar Tissue Release.

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Reiki & Energy Healing

Reiki and Energy Healing which encompasses many different therapies is very gentle & extremely relaxing. Just what your body needs to have time to heal itself.

I offer Reiki healing & also sound healing, chakra balancing, meridian balancing,essential oils &

Bach remedies in my energy therapy kit.

These gentle, relaxing & effective therapies help to balance your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual selves to enable you to be in control of your life & make decisions for yourself.

These therapies are an excellent preventative medicine and will strengthen the energy system; ensuring day-to-day troubles are dealt with straight away and gradually clearing long term disturbances and disease.

Works well with any other therpy I use.


Our bodies create & transform energy continuously, from the moment we are conceived until the moment we die. This energy can be measured and is created from the formation, transformation & breakdown of biological organisms within our bodies. This is the study of Bioenergetics.

The Asyra Bioenergetics Health Test is able to see how efficient the energy for each transformation is performing for over 40,000 different processes within your body.

I have recently used Bioenergetics to help clients with menopause symptoms, osteoporisis, weight issues, chronic stress, digestive issues, arthritis, mental tiredness & fatigue, oedema & inflammation, muscular/skeletal injuries.


Sound Healing

Sound healong is very powerful. Sound affects you physiologically & is your primary sense for warning you of what is going on around you.

Some sounds will cause your body to react and be ready to react to protect yourself. But many other sounds will be familiar to you & cause your body & mind to relax and become calm.

Think of a song that makes you happy & maybe there is a song that will make you feel sad. Some songs will allow your body to relax & others will get you up & dancing, increasing your heart rate & breathing.

Sound can also have an affect on our physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health. Your body is made up of 60-70% water & sound travels well in water so using specific sound frequencies during a therapy session can help to create deep relaxation & initiate healing such as reducing pain, improve scars & improve muscle and nerve injuries.

Buddhist chime

Scar Tissue Release

Scars are not something that are just on the surface of the skin; they go into the deeper layers of the skin & maybe through muscle & other soft tissue, causing secondary functionality, mobility and flexibity issues.


Scars may also have a negative affect on our emotional & mental health, especially if they are in a place that is visible to everyone & if the scar was caused from a trauma.

Scars old & new can be worked on without any pain &  discomfort. Using a combination of therapies such as Myofascial Release, CranioSacral Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Sound therapy; The appearance of the scar can be improved along with improving any functionality, mobility & flexibility issues.

Scarred Leg

Reiki & Sekhem Training

People learn Reiki &/or Sekhem for many reasons:

to offer healing to their family & pets

to heal themselves

to offer Reiki Sekhem to people you they meet

to be a Reiki Sekhem therapist

to add Reiki Sekhem to existing therapies

to be able to teach Reiki &/or Sekhem

You do not need any qualifications to be a Reiki Sekhem healer. It takes a few hours on a one to one basis to ensure you understand what a Reiki Sekhem healer is & to ensure that when you leave, you will be confident in giving healing to yourself & others.

The training sessions, on a one to one basis, are very informal & friendly, allowing you to to easily ask any questions without feeling arkward. You will receive a comprehensive manual to take home & a certificate for insurance. I am always available to ask questions after the course.


Remote treatments

I am able to offer clients remote/distance treatments for Reiki Sekhem & sample testing for Bioenergetics Health Testing.

This may seem a little too much beyond what is believable for some people but it is available for those who may find it useful or necessary: If you are not able to leave your home for any reason or are on a trip and too far from a therapist.

Reiki Sekhem distance healing has been available since Reiki was discovered. A time is set for your session & it is most beneficial if you can find a quiet, comfortable place to be for 30 minutes. At my clinic I will send you a Reiki treatment & at the end I will provide you with details of any imbalancess that I found including your chakras & any colours or other insights I might have noticed.

Bioenergetics Health Testing is available for remote sample testing using a hair or other suitable sample. It is most suitable for pets. During your remote appointment time I will call you or go through your completed health questionnaire you have sent me.  I will then run scans as I would in the clinic but using your sample rather than you holding the Asyra handles - this is how I work in my clinic if I am testing young children who are not able to sit still for the duration of the scans.

Once the scans are run I make up your energetic remedy & these are then sent to you by post and a report is sent by email.

If you wish to book a remote/distance Reiki Sekhem or Bioenergetics sample testing appointment then please select the specific option under bookings as these appointments are payable in advance only.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

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