Reiki & Sekhem Energy Healing

What is Reiki & Sekhem Energy Healing treatments?

Reiki is a gentle, but powerful hands-on healing technique that treats the whole person;

physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is a natural energy,

flowing wherever it is needed to support the body’s natural healing process.

Sekhem comprises of 4 elemental energies and these are usually combined when

working with the Sekhem energy. The Sekhem energies are:

Reiki - earth - peace, serenity, stability

Sakara - Fire - gives life a sparkle, warmth

Sophie-el - water - detox, cleansing, emotional release

Air - communication, socialising, learning

The Reiki healing technique along with these 3 elemental energies provides this

powerful but gentle and healing energy. I use "Reiki" throughout this website to describe

Reiki including Sekhem.

A treatment is a deeply relaxing and re-energising treatment to encourage healing and

helping to balance the body’s energy system to promote a healthy mind and body.

Receiving Reiki (& Sekhem) regularly through healing treatments or self-treatment is an excellent

preventative medicine and will strengthen the energy system; ensuring

day-to-day troubles are dealt with straight away and gradually clearing

long term disturbances and disease.

If you are agreeable, I may use other energy healing techniques including auric massage,

chakra balancing, essential oils and tuning forks to balanced your energy system.

Who benefits from Reiki & Sekhem, Energy Healing


Reiki & Sekhem and other forms of energy healing can be used safely and effectively with all orthodox and other

complementary therapies to reduce any negative feelings, create optimism, reduce healing time,

reduce or eliminate pain and reduce tension and stress.

Reiki & Sekhem will support you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically when you are having

medical procedures; recovery from surgery or chronic / acute illness and will

help and support carers at this time as well.

As Reiki & Sekhem is so gentle and does not require touch to work, it is suitable for people or animals of all ages and

all states of health. It can safely be used straight after surgery; when someone is at the end of their life;

to give a new born baby love and healing in its first hours after birth or just for

relaxation and balancing; at any time.

Benefits of receiving Reiki & Sekhem Energy Healing

Reiki & Sekhem will support you mentally, emotionally and physically whether you are already well and healthy

or if you need some support during illness or a stressful or traumatic part of your life.

Deeply relaxing

Balances your energy system

Reduces stress, tension and anxiety

Supports your whole body after any trauma

Reduces pain

Balances you physically and emotionally

Supports your immune system

Re-energises your body and mind

Helps you to deal with difficult situations

Enhances your intuition and awareness

Safe to use on anyone at any time

Use safely with other complementary and orthodox treatments

Supports your body’s normal functions for self healing

Clears your energy paths and raises your vibrational frequency