Holistic treatment

I provide Complementary and Holistic treatments
To treat you as an individual with
bespoke treatments to suit your current needs and goals.
What is a Complementary treatment?

A Complementary treatment is a treatment that is not generally provided by mainstream or

conventional medicine practices such as your GP or hospital.


Complementary treatments are given to complement any existing

medical, surgical, complementary or alternatice treatments you are currently receiving.

For example, Complementary treatments complement:

Surgery - providing aftercare to reduce and improve bruising, inflammation,

scarring, emotional and mental upset

Muscularskeletal injuries - to reduce aches and pains; improve mobility and flexibility;

improve balance and co-ordination

​To complement treatments that you are currently self administering

such as pain relief, heat pads, KT tape,  walking aids, meditation, diet.

What is a Holistic treatment?

A Holistic treatment is ideal for anyone, whether just for a body balance, to help you relax or to

help with a chronic or actute illness or injury.


Various techniques may be used to to promote healing and to get the body back into balance; not just in the

problem area but for the whole body and mind. Many chronic illnesses and injuries start to affect other parts of the

body and it is important that these are also addressed.

It is important to realise that chronic and acute illness and injury have an affect on our everyday lives

and so affect our mental and emotional state aswell as our physical bodies. Having a

Holistic treatment will help balance the body and mind.

During the treatment one, or several therapies may be used depending upon your preference,

state of health and position of your injury. Descriptions of each of these can be found under Treatments.

An holistic treatment will always be a bespoke treatment using various therapies that are appropriate for your

current state of health on the day and your health goal.

Who can benefit from a Complementary Holistic treatment?

Anyone, from someone who has an annoying pain in their neck, stress, digestive problems, post surgery injuries

to someone who has multiple long term problems such as Parkinsons

or Multiple Sclerosis can benefit.

All the treatments are bespoke and the therapies used will be suitable for your

current state of health and also your own comfort.

Where possible you can stay dressed and I can use therapies and techniques

which can be used effectively over clothes.

Treatments may be given with you lying on your back, side or front, or seated a couch

or, seated in a chair or wheelchair.

You may be given exercises to do between treatments to continue the progress made through the treatment and

keep the injured area as mobile as possible. This will help to speed up and support the recovery of the injured area.

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Benefits of a Complementary Holistic Treatment

A Complementary Holistic treatment not only treats the area where you currently have pain and restriction

but will also look at other areas which may be the original cause of the problem.

Some pain may be referred pain and/or a secondary injury from an old long term /chronic injury or condition.

 Conditions that may be treated with a Complementary Holistic treatment include but are not limited to:

muscle tension and pain

flexibility, mobility

poor balance

work related postural imbalance

scars from injury or surgery

repetitive strain injuries

ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Parkinsons / nervous system disorders

Fibromyalgia / musculoskeletal disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

IBS, Chrohns, Ulcerative Colitis, poor digestion

frozen shoulder

golfers elbow and tennis elbow

tension headaches and jaw pain

tinnitius, sinusitis,

bells palsy

anxiety, depression, stress related conditions

oedema, water retention, inflammation

neck, back and shoulder pain and restriction

restricted head movements

lack of sensation in feet or painful feet