What is Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)?

Soft Tissue Therapy is not just one therapy but a name for a group of therapies

which treat any injury to the soft tissues of the body from
strains, sprains, fatigue, tension, repetitive strain,
contusions (bruising), lacerations (cuts) and day to day problems.
Soft Tissue Therapy helps with preventative treatment, rehabilitation, remedial recovery,
injury recovery, improvement in flexibility and mobility and pain reduction.
Typical therapies included under Soft Tissue Therapy include, but is not limited to;
Myofascial Release
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
CranioSacral Therapy
Scar Tissue Release
Sound healing

What is soft tissue?
Soft tissue is all the tissue in your body that has not been hardenend through
ossification or calcification, such as bones and teeth.


The soft tissues of the body from superficial to deep in the body are; skin, fat, muscle, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, fibrous tissue, fascia, nerves, synovial membranes,
lymphatic vessels and blood vessels.
The soft tissues of your body surround, support and protect, internal organs and bones; they give structure to the body and store energy.

How can Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) help?

Soft Tissue Therapy works on the bodys soft tissues with specialist techniques to help:

release tight muscles, release fascia, improve scar tissue, reduce inflammation and bruising,

improve blood flow, reduce 'knots' and reduce pain.

This in turn increases your range of motion, flexibility, mobility, balance and control of your joints.

As Soft Tissue Therapy is not just one therapy but a collection of different therapies, many different injuries and conditions may be effectively treated using one of more of these therapies. Often a combination of therapies can be more effective.

Soft Tissue Therapy is able to:

improve blood circulation

improve your lymphatic system

help to remove metabolic waste (detox)

reduce inflammation and water retention

improve the flexibity and appearance of scar tissue

improve muscle tone and strength

improve the range of joint movement

decrease muscle spasm and cramps

ease stiffness and pain

improve flexibility, mobility and balance

Who can benefit from Soft Tissue Therapy (STT)?

Anyone who has chronic or acute conditions affecting their general health and wellness

caused from some form of soft tissue damage.

As everyone is unique, each individual will be treated differently and have different outcomes.

I treat clients who have chronic illness such as multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, fibromyalgia and none of these clients come to me with the same symptoms or severity. Each one of my clients is treated as an individual and whereas one may find a particular therapy works for them another may find it is a combination of two or more different therapies.

My clients also have different reasons and goals for having a treatment: Some may just want a relaxing treatment to hep them relax whilst others would like a specific injury or problem worked on.

 When Soft Tissue Therapy (STT) is helpful

Includes the following injuries and conditions but is not imited to:

back and hip tension and pain

neck and shoulder tension and pain

scarring from injury or surgery

migraines and headaches


carpel tunnel syndrome

frozen shoulder

repetitive strain injury

knee and foot restriction and pain

bells palsy

TMJ, teeth grinding, tinnitius, sinusitis

golfers elbow and tennis elbow

post surgery soft tissue damage


Parkinsons / nervous system disorders

Fibromyalgia / musculoskeletal disorders

Multiple Sclerosis / autoimmune disorders

ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

poor balance

arthritis related conditions

lymphoedema, inflammation, water retention

anxiety, depression, stress related conditions

​poor posture

lack of sensation in feet, painful feet, plantar fascitis

reduced flexibility and mobility