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Relaxing Massage

What is a Relaxing Massage?

A relaxing massage is ideal for everyone, it should be seen as an essential to improve and maintain your whole health, mind and body, although an occasional treat

will make you feel wonderful.

Whether you have an injury, sore and aching muscles or just feel tense from stress, a Massage will not only improve your physical, emotional and mental health but also

make you feel fantastic.

Relaxing  -  Holistic  -  Therapeutic  -  Aromatherapy  -  Pregnancy

For further relaxation and additional health benefits I can offer an Aromatherapy Massage. This is beneficial as a gentle, relaxing and soothing massage with the

added healing properties of pure organic essential oils.

I use only pure organic essential oils & I have massage oils which are suitable for vegans.

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Benefits of a Relaxing Massage

There are many benefits whether your aim is for relaxation, stress management

or to improve injuries and pain:

Relaxing, calming, uplifting, balancing, toning, strengthening, detoxifying

Reduces stress and tension in your mind and body

Reduces pain through relaxation of muscles

Improves your sleep

Improves flexibility, posture and balance

Recovery time after exercise and muscle strain is shortened

Increases oxygen in the blood and releases toxins from muscles

Stimulates blood circulation to help your natural healing process

improves your lymphatic flow and natural detoxing

Improves your digestion and bowel movements

Boosts your immune system

Improves scarring from surgery and injury

Exfoliates and removes dead skin cells

Nourishes your skin improving its condition

Stimulates and soothes your nervous system  

and much more …

Unfortunately I am unable to treat anyone

who is at any stage of pregnancy with essential oils.

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