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Cancer Support & Palliative Care

What is Cancer Support and Palliative Care?



A lighter touch massage has been found to be highly beneficial for people who have or have had a cancer diagnosis,

even when going through treatment. The massage is adapted to suit the health of someone who may

have a compromised immune system and the various emotional and physical side effects from surgery,

chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

For many years it was thought that massage and other hands on therapies would spread cancer to other

parts of the body.  But this has been scientifically proven to be incorrect and many

people with cancer will be told by their doctors to take regular exercise to improve circulation and

their immune system and to have a massage.

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Cancer support and palliative care is not just suitable for those with cancer but anyone with a debilitating illness.

Everyone is unique with an individual set of symptoms, side effects, treatment protocols, medication and therapy.


When you come for a treatment you will have a purpose in mind whether for relaxation, pain relief,

emotional relief, comfort, just to have some normality.

We will discuss what you have in mind and see what is suitable.

The therapy takes into account a severely compromised immune system, side effects of treatments such as

chemotherapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, frequent operations, strong medication, constant pain,

sensitivity to touch, smell, noise and light, lymphoedema, scar tissue.

What treatments are available?

​​Most of the treatments I provide are gentle but effective and may be suitable for most people with some

appropriate changes. The length of treatment can vary greatly, depending on how a person is feeling on the day.

The treatment itself can take the form of treating the whole body, specific problem areas

or just the face and head, hands or feet, depending on the person’s needs.

All these treatments can be given without the use of any oils or creams.

If I do use oils or creams they will be natural and organic without synthetic ingredients.

These therapies can be used standalone or in combination, as required on the day.

Myofascial Release

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Scar Tissue Release

Reiki and Energy Healing

Thai Foot Massage

Sound Healing

CranioSacral Therapy

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Who can benefit from Cancer support & Palliative Care?

Just about anyone can benefit from a therapy treatment, even if it is to have a

hands off Reiki and Energy Healing treatment.

This treatment may be suitable for anyone with any of the following and many other conditions:

Compromised immune system

​Constant pain

Skin sensitivity

Undergoing invasive treatments / surgery


Learning difficulties


Multiple Sclerosis


Treatments can be given lying flat on a couch, with/without head raised, on your side or seated.

Plenty of pillows are available for support where it is needed along with blankets

and a heated couch if you prefer.

Please note that it is good practice to inform your GP or Specialist that you are having therapy treatments.

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Oncology massage
Benefits of Cancer Support & Palliative Care


Therapy treatments can greatly complement conventional medical treatments in someone’s journey

through cancer or other debilitating illness such as:


gentle and appropriate for each individual

boosts the immune system

improves circulation

improves lymphatic system

increases energy and improves mood

reduces stress and anxiety

improve quality of sleep

relieve sore muscles

help with pain management

improves flexibility and mobility

increase relaxation

improve breathing

improve skin condition

reduce lymphoedema and oedema

improve appearance of scars


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